MEDA Launches New Honduras Project: Join Us to Invest in the Women and Youth Farmers Fighting Climate Change

A woman works on her coffee farm.
A woman works on a coffee farm.

In central and western Honduras, the Dry Corridor is experiencing the ever-growing impacts of climate change, but MEDA’s newest project is looking to equip women and youth with the resources and finance needed to manage this growing threat to their livelihoods.

Increasing droughts are impacting crop yields of coffee and cacao, threatening food security, livelihoods, and job opportunities for small-scale farmers in the region. This is especially true for women and youth who face barriers to accessing financial and technical resources and market opportunities that can build their resilience in these agricultural sectors. As these obstacles become insurmountable for small-scale farmers, forced migration out of the region is growing in parallel.

Responding to this challenge, Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) and the Canadian government through Global Affairs Canada (GAC) are funding a project to strengthen sustainable and inclusive market systems for small coffee and cacao farmers in the country, with a focus on women and youth.

GAC has just announced that it will invest $11.9 million to support the six-year project, titled Opportunities for Circular and Inclusive Diversification in Agriculture in Honduras (OCIDA), with MEDA investing an additional $1.46 million from private supporters to catalyze this impact.

Your financial support can play a key role in strengthening the livelihoods of women and youth working in the coffee and cacao sectors of Honduras, driving advancements in food security, gender equality, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and the prevention of forced migration.

Give a gift that keeps giving and consider a generous one-time or monthly donation.

Learn more about the OCIDA project in this CBC interview with MEDA President and CEO, Dorothy Nyambi.



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