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Please reference the MEDA Corporate Colour Palette, Clear Space around the MEDA logo(s) and MEDA Visual Identity documents in your media creation.

Below are MEDA Logos in various formats for your use. Please use Adobe Illustator or Adobe EPS files whenever possible to maintain high resolution on printed material.


Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) is an international economic development organization whose mission is to create business solutions to alleviate poverty. We work with 400 partners in 62 countries to help 910,000 clients unleash their potential to earn a livelihood, provide for their families, and enrich their communities. Donations to MEDA are multiplied in impact seven times on average. MEDA has offices in Waterloo and Ottawa, ON, Washington, DC, and Lancaster, PA, and internationally. Visit for more information.

MEDA Logo History

The original MEDA logo was developed in the early 1970s at the time of MEDA’s incorporation. The symbol was initiated by Milo Shantz and designed by Glenn Fretz in 1974. The colour green and the images of the globe and leaf symbolize growth, renewal and our international scope of operations. The logo was refreshed in 1996, making it more contemporary with current design. While it has been changed to a word mark, it retains its original green colour, Pantone 356C (Hex#007A33 – R0 G122 B51 – C91 M4 Y100 K25), incorporating the globe into the letter D, with a leaf stemming from it.

For many years MEDA was depicted by a globe-shaped symbol which the corporate statement described as follows: “Many persons in the world community are suffering because of spiritual, social and economic needs. Hope and new life for a broken world is symbolized by a growing leaf. By showing concern and sharing, the void is filled and wholeness is restored.”

Previously MEDA had used a symbol of a handshake to represent “brotherhood economics.”

In 1974 a new charter was acquired for MEDA Canada, and the original MEDA charter in the U.S. was changed from profit to non-profit status. The timing was right for a new symbol. “We wanted something fresh,” Shantz recalled later.

The symbol was revised in 1996. The new visual identity built on the old by utilizing a contemporary typeface along with a stylized “D” that retained the globe and leaf motif. It, too, was designed by Glenn Fretz.