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Visual Identity

Please reference our guidelines in your print and digital media creations for MEDA. If you are working on an online asset such as a project story map or micro-site, please refer to our web guidelines as well.

The MEDA Logo

The original MEDA logo was developed in the early 1970s at the time of MEDA’s incorporation. The symbol was initiated by Milo Shantz and designed by Glenn Fretz in 1974. The colour green and the images of the globe and leaf symbolize growth, renewal and our international scope of operations.

The logo was refreshed in 1996, making it more contemporary with current design. While it has been changed to a word mark, it retains its original green colour, incorporating the globe into the letter D, with a leaf stemming from it.

The Marketplace Logo


Hex: #007A33
RGB: 0/122/51
CMYK: 91/4/100/25
PMS: Pantone 356 C

Hex: #00587C
RGB: 0/88/124
CMYK: 100/18/8/50
PMS: Pantone 308 C

Hex: #D19000
RGB: 209/144/0
CMYK: 20/35/95/0
PMS: Pantone 7550 C

Hex: #CB6015
RGB: 203/96/21
CMYK: 0/53/90/20
PMS: Pantone 159 C

Hex: #653165
RGB: 101/49/101
CMYK: 5/100/5/40
PMS: Pantone 2622 C

Hex: #3A3A3A
RGB: 58/58/58
CMYK: 69/62/51/52
“Dark Grey”

Hex: #939598
RGB: 147/149/152
CMYK: 0/0/0/50
“50% Grey”

Hex: #F3F5F6
RGB: 243/245/246
CMYK: 1/0/0/4
“Light Grey”



MEDA: Creating business solutions to poverty


MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates) has been implementing effective market-driven programs globally since 1953. MEDA combines innovative financial and technical expertise to build and enhance sustainable agri-food systems that provide decent work for people living in poverty with a focus on systemically marginalized communities, including women and youth.

Our core expertise lies in market systems, environmental sustainability and climate action, gender equality and social inclusion, and impact investment and innovative finance. MEDA partners with local private, public and civil society actors, strengthening individuals, institutions, communities and ecosystems, and thereby contributing to sustainable and inclusive systemic change.


Clients and Partners

For discussions about MEDA news or MEDA as a brand, here are approved photographs of clients and partners who represent our mission and our vision for the future.

Second Chance Success client Feza Kanyi, owner of Precious Dishes restaurant and her daughter Ishimwe Shekinnah, whom she is mentoring to be a leader in the business. (Rwanda)
SSBVC client Hadija Jabiri and one of her employees showcasing her GBRI Solutions products. (Tanzania)
JVL client Intisar Al Murabi who founded a food processing company. (Jordan)
Technolinks+ client Pilar Martinez, co-founder and manager of Cosecha Partners. (Nicaragua)
EMERTA client Maheder Abebe and one of her Maheder Foods products. (Ethiopia)
CEO of LEGEND partner Mace Foods, Margaret Komen. (Kenya)

For project-specific photos, news, and messaging, visit our project pages. Contact us if you are looking for specific MEDA project photos that you are unable to find.

Key Staff

Headshots of members of the MEDA team who are forward-facing or leading high-profile work can be found on the Our Team page. All Gift Officers are on our Ways to Give page. Bios will pop up when their names are clicked.

If you are looking for headshots of staff members who are not featured on our site, please contact us.

MEDA Events

Selected photos of event highlights from MEDA’s gatherings with our constituents and supporters that you can use to promote future similar events. For specific MEDA Network Hub photos, visit their pages.

Convention 2022 Highlight 1
Convention 2022 Highlight 1
Network event 1
Network event 2

Featured News

MEDA partners with The Mastercard Foundation to create thousands of jobs through funding investments in Africa for women and youth entrepreneurs

MEDA is pleased to announce that the USD $200 million Mastercard Foundation Africa Growth Fund (MFAGF) launched today. The Fund-of-Funds initiative will help advance the Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa Works strategy, which aims to enable 30 million young people in Africa, particularly young women, to access dignified and fulfilling work by 2030.

Turning a crisis into an opportunity- how Hadija provided decent work for herself and her community

Hadija always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. This truth became clearer as she graduated from university. She saw how many young people like herself struggled to find work. So, starting her own business, or creating work opportunities for herself, seemed like the natural next step. In 2015, after Hadija graduated, she learned about onion farming and took a course on manufacturing industrial products in Kenya. After this transformative course, the seed of GBRI Solutions was planted, and Hadija founded her business.

Annual Report

We invite you to read or download the 2022 Annual Report. Thank you, once again, for your invaluable support. Because of you, we continue to work and partner with ‘agripreneurs’ across the world to sustain and create decent jobs for themselves and others.

Hands holding a globe

Strategic Plan

For over 70 years, our work has been guided by the belief that all people deserve the opportunity to earn a livelihood and that unleashing entrepreneurship is a powerful way to alleviate poverty. MEDA’s ambitious goal is to create or sustain decent work for a half million people in emerging economies by 2030.

Featured Videos

Social Media

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