Learning Series

ATTSVE Learning Series

Since 2014, MEDA has partnered with Dalhousie University, McGill University, and Jimma University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (JUCAVM) to implement the Agricultural Transformation through Stronger Vocational Education (ATTSVE) project, funded by Global Affairs Canada.

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IMOW Learning Series

A set of learning papers and technical guides that showcase the results of MEDA’s Improving Market Opportunities for Women (IMOW) project, which supported women small producers. The series provides insights into supporting women farmers, working with the private sector to encourage market linkages, and promoting the use of good agricultural practices.

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SSBVC Learning Series

An advanced selection of technical guides on gender equality, small business in developing economies, and economic empowerment in Tanzania with practical examples to put learnings into action.

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GROW Learning Series

The GROW Learning Series is a set of documents developed by MEDA to provide best practices and learnings from our Greater Rural Opportunities for Women (GROW) project in Ghana, an initiative focused on women’s economic empowerment and food security in northern Ghana.

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Jordan woman at bazar

JVL Learning Series

An advanced technical guide on equality and economic empowerment in Jordan with practical examples to put your learnings into action. MEDA’s Jordan Valley Links (JVL) Learning Series shares good practices and learnings from our partnerships and programming in Jordan, emphasizing the voices and perceptions of our women and youth clients.

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3 Nigeerian women

Nigeria WAY Learning Series

The Nigeria WAY Learning series is a set of materials developed by MEDA to share good practice and learnings from our Youth Entrepreneurship and Women’s Empowerment in Northern Nigeria (Nigeria WAY) project which focuses on women’s economic empowerment in agroprocessing in three food value chains and strengthens community support for women’s socio-economic engagement.

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INNOVATE Learning Series

The MEDA INNOVATE learning series highlights research that assesses the potential of Non-Traditional Finance to promote the adoption of agricultural innovation among smallholder farmers across East Africa, South America, and South Asia.

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