Our Team

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Executive Leadership Team

Dr. Dorothy Nyambi
Chief Executive Officer & President
Wendy Clayson
Chief Financial & Investment Officer
Derek Cameron
Sr. Vice President, Global Programs
Marcia Scheffler
Vice President, People & Culture
Lindsay Wallace
Sr. Vice President, Strategy & Impact
Mike Miller
Vice President, Resource Development

Global Program Regional Teams

Regional Directors

Dr. Pierre Kadet
Sr. Regional Director, WAMENA
Nadia Guerch
Sr. Regional Director, LEAP
Helal Ahsan-Ul-Haque
Sr. Regional Director, ESCA
Samuel Akyianu
Managing Director, Mastercard Foundation African Growth Fund
Vymala Thuron
Deputy Managing Director, Mastercard Foundation African Growth Fund

Latin America and Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Pacific (LEAP)

Cony Peralta
Country Director, Nicaragua
Catherine Sobrevega
Country Director, Philippines
Claude Clodomir
Chief of Party, ATTEINDRE

Eastern, Southern and Central Africa (ESCA)

Juma Ongera
Country Director, Kenya
Musa Lubango
Country Director, Tanzania

West Africa, Middle East and North Africa (WAMENA)

Grace Fosen
Country Project Manager, Nigeria

Global Program Operations

David Eagle
Sr. Director, Global Program Operations

Partnerships & New Business Development

Otto Farkas
Sr Director, Partnerships & New Business Development

Technical Team​

Jessica Villanueva
Sr. Director, Technical Areas of Practice
Yasir Dildar
Director, Impact & Knowledge Management

Corporate Support Directors

Barb Sutherland
Legal Counsel
Erika Wulff
Director, Investment Finance
Marius Lamprecht
Sr. Director, Corporate Finance
Melissa Young
Director, Global Talent Management & Engagement
Patrick Asante
Sr. Finance Director, Global Programs
Rita Muigai
Director, Global Change Leadership & Compensation
Scott Ruddick
Sr. Director, Global Security
Steve Cumming
Director, Strategy and Planning
Vicki Loree
Director, Marketing and Constituent Engagement

Resource Development Team

Mike Miller
Sr. Development Officer, Western United States & Europe
Ruth Leaman
Sr. Development Officer, Eastern United States | Campaign Officer
Bethany Nussbaum
Sr. Development Officer, Eastern United States
Dean Shoemaker
Sr. Development Officer, Eastern Canada
Randy Sawatzky
Sr. Development Officer, Western Canada
Shirley Redekop
Associate Development Officer, Canada
Caleb Longenecker-Fox
Associate Development Officer, United States
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