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Connecting impact investment and agricultural development: MEDA bridges the gap

In 2020, MEDA launched a bold Strategic Plan, Towards an Equal World. The plan outlines our ambitious goal of creating or sustaining decent work for half a million people in emerging economies by 2030 by strengthening agri-food market systems, working in partnership with others to drive system-level impact, and most importantly, shifting decision-making from the Global North to the Global South.


MEDA Technical Director, Jessica Villanueva, spoke at Innovative Finance Conference to explore more sustainable ways of funding projects in the international development sector

On September 16th, MEDA’s Senior Director, Technical Areas of Practice, Jessica Villanueva, participated as a panel speaker at the Innovative Financing for International Development Panel. This panel was a part of the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation Conference 2022 “Trailblazing new paths to inclusive development” event from September 16th-17th, 2022.


Why you don’t want to miss Convention 2022!

Entrepreneurs create value: they dare to take an idea, turn it into a business, and share it with the world. They create jobs and drive prosperity for society. In the Global South, they play an especially vital role in raising living standards and uplifting communities.


Faith meets purpose: My work at MEDA

Faith for me is deeply connected to purpose. The idea that God designed & created us for a purpose – that we are not lost in space or condemned to an empty or meaningless life. God gave us life – and through life, we find purpose. If we don’t have purpose – we cannot feel like we are truly living.


“Getting a foot in the door”: How internships provide job experiences for young people that pay off

Around the world, youth unemployment remains a lingering problem, with millions of young people unable to contribute their time and talent to the workforce. In the long term, this means trouble: without a sense of purpose and experience, young people will be locked out of the labor market. This can quickly lead to increased poverty, especially among already marginalized groups, and floundering economies.


My Internship at MEDA

My name is Tianyu Wu, and I am the Monitoring and Impact Measurement team’s intern. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at the University of Waterloo. Apart from my academic life, I have many hobbies, for example singing, playing badminton, and reading.