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It was an amazing experience to trek alongside all of you on Saturday, July 20! I was truly inspired by everyone’s outstanding commitment to supporting women and girls in North Eastern Nigeria. I was honoured to trek alongside so many leaders dedicated to advancing the long-term care sector in Canada.

The direct impact of your hard work and dedication this year - through the Women Walking to GROW to support the Nigeria WAY initiative - will impact approximately 790 women and youth though matching your support (X7) with that of the government of Canada. Thank you and Congratulations!

Women and youth in North Eastern Nigeria will have the opportunity to learn how they can run their business effectively while also increasing their awareness and options on the issues surrounding early and forced child marriage.

Once more, my heartfelt thanks - thank you peopleCare, ProResp and all involved! Your hard work and dedication has made a lasting difference in the lives of women in Nigeria.  

Our Nigeria WAY project is a 7-year project that will impact 41,000 women and youth through entrepreneurship and education.

Recently, I learned of Lami Ayuba’s story. Lami is a mother of six and lives in rural Nigeria and several years ago, she started growing soy beans to make awara, or tofu, to be sold as a local snack. Although her business was successful, she noticed that the quality of her tofu was low, yet her production costs were high.

Lami registered for the Nigeria WAY project where she participated in tofu-making training. She learned that her process could be more efficient and less expensive. By refining her cooking process, she was able to save funds on supplies and her tofu became so delicious that others in her community wanted her prized recipe!

Lami is thankful for the opportunity to learn new processing techniques and is proud of the positive reviews she has received.

Lami is confident that awara and soymilk has opportunities for profit making and will continue to expand her awara and soy milk products. She continues through this added income to meet and support her family’s needs in education, health and other areas in a dignified and sustainable manner.

I encourage you to keep in touch with this project through Facebook. Search ‘MEDA Nigeria WAY’ to follow recent developments as MEDA continues to create business solutions to poverty.  

I look forward to trekking with you again next year!


Dr. Dorothy Nyambi
President & CEO of MEDA