SEEP Innovations in Youth Financial Services Practitioner Learning Program

SEEP PLP - UgandaPSProject Background: The Practitioner Learning Program created a peer learning group by bringing together four partner organizations, XacBank (Mongolia), Hatton National Bank (Sri Lanka), Catholic Relief Services (El Salvador) and FINCA Uganda that were providing financial services for youth. MEDA facilitated the group, bringing representatives together at in-person meetings and through remote events. In addition, MEDA provided technical support to partners on increasing their outreach on financial and non-financial products for youth, including:

  • student loans
  • financial education
  • youth savings and
  • business loans for young entrepreneurs

As a group, the partners developed a learning agenda, participated in workshops, and conducted exchange visits to further learn from each other.

MEDA, the SEEP Network and the four partners produced four learning products:

  1. Building Sustainable Business Models for Youth Financial Services
  2. Effective Marketing for Scaling up Financial Services to Youth
  3. Institutionalizing Youth Financial Services to Achieve Scale
  4. Reaching Scale with Financial Education for Youth

To share learning more broadly, MEDA, the SEEP Network and Making Cents International developed a training module for financial service providers entitled "Scaling up Youth Financial Services."

Project Goals:

  • facilitate the peer learning of microfinance practitioners providing youth financial services
  • support partners in expanding the number of youth clients served with appropriate financial services, and
  • improve the quality and breadth of service provision to youth ages 12 to 24

Reach: Through our four financial instution partners, the project reached over 1 million clients.

Funder: The SEEP Network and The MasterCard Foundation

Project Length: 2009 - 2012