Youth and Financial Services Working Group (The SEEP Network)

Seep understanding youthMEDA facilitates the Youth and Financial Services Working Group. Launched in May 2011, the Group represents a diverse group of industry leaders. The working group brings together practitioners to exchange experiences, create opportunities for collaborative learning, and development of innovative learning products that benefit not only members but practitioners working in youth financial services and economic strengthening activities worldwide.

The Youth and Financial Services Working Group produced two key learning products in 2012: the "Informal Industry Survey Summary Report" which then led to the development of the "Understanding Youth and their Financial Needs," which consolidates findings from multiple market research studies on young people's financial needs and behaviors. These learning products fill significant information gaps identified by working group members, facilitators and SEEP staff.

Project Quick Facts

Goal – to improve the ability of practitioner organizations to provide high quality and effective financial and non-financial services to youth worldwide.

Project length – May 2011, ongoing