Ethiopians Fighting Against Child Exploitation (E-FACE) | Ethiopia

youth weaver addisEthiopians Fighting Against Child Exploitation (E-FACE) is a four-year project undertaken in collaboration with World Vision to reduce exploitative child labour by improving the livelihoods of 7,000 vulnerable families and 3,250 youth.

An estimated 18 million Ethiopian children aged 5-17 engage in work – almost a fourth of the population.  Although the country’s policies and legislation protect children from exploitative labour and support their education, the incidences of child labour still remain very high in the informal sectors, making it difficult to enforce safe and reasonable labour practices.

Project Quick Facts

Goal: To reduce exploitative child labour by improving market access to textile and agricultural markets for 7,000 vulnerable families and improving working conditions and futures for 3,250 working youth.  Components of this project targeting youth include:

Facilitating access to financial and business development services for business owners so as to improve working conditions for working youth;

Provision of training programs and business incentives to both business owners and their youth employees so as to improve working conditions and safety for youth engaged in spinning and weaving;

Linking youth interested in alternative livelihood creation with appropriate formal and non-formal education programming and financial services;

Training and engaging youth in rural income generating activities (e.g. agricultural inputs suppliers or sales agents).

Reaching: 7,000 families and 3,250 youth
Funding: United States Department of Labor
Project length: 2011-2015 (4 years)