Nigeria | Youth Entrepreneurship and Women's Empowerment (WAY)

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and MEDA are supporting 16,000 small scale businesses and entrepreneurs, particularly those run by women and youth, to improve their business performance and the business
environment in the agricultural sector in Bauchi state. The project will also aim to increase communities’ awareness on the issues of early and forced child marriage with 25,000 community and family members in Bauchi state.Girls Nigeria WAY

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Jordan | Jordan Valley Links: Enterprise Development for Women and Youth in the Jordan Valley

jordan valley olivesPhoto by: Amer Swedan, RENAS Women Cooperative (Food processing – Olives) – Project Funded by Gender Social Fund (CIDA)  Jordan is of great geo-political significance in the Middle East and is considered a ‘pocket of peace’ in a region that is otherwise highly unstable – both politically and economically. The Jordanian economy suffers from structural unemployment and weak labour market governance.

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Jordan | USAID Jordan Local Enterprise Support (LENS)

The USAID Jordan Local Enterprise Support Project (LENS) encourages the long-term economic growth and development potential of underserved Jordanian communities. It brings local governments, business owners, and key community groups to collaborate together on initiatives that will boost economic development and create jobs in their communities.

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