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Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power. This is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Women Empowering Women with MEDA (WEW). Through the WEW network, North American women are gaining knowledge of different cultures and issues that affect women in the developing world. This knowledge empowers them to contribute to the advancement of women globally by supporting MEDA projects. In turn, through MEDA projects, women clients are gaining knowledge of sustainable agriculture practices, market information, business skills and new technology. With this knowledge, they are able to improve their livelihoods and help create more inclusive, social, economic and environmental systems that provide their families and communities with a viable future.

MEDA project manager in Myanmar explains,

“It’s amazing the impact when you put resources, opportunities and training in women’s hands. I hear repeatedly what a difference it makes when women farmers have access to knowledge.”

Last week, the WEW groups in Pennsylvania featured MEDA’s Improving Market Opportunities for Women (IMOW) project in Myanmar. The IMOW project supports women producers and women-owned businesses to grow their productivity and incomes, increase their access to financial services and take on leadership positions in market and community systems. Focusing on women farmers and entrepreneurs in Myanmar is strategic. In a country transitioning from a military government and relative economic isolation, women play a critical role in shaping a peaceful, prosperous and democratic future for the country. In a taped interview shown at the WEW meetings, IMOW project manager, Cavelle Dove, said,

“IMOW is part of nation-building, re-building the tatters of a country that has struggled for so long. We can be part of that process.”

Women Empowering Women with MEDA invites you to be part of the process of creating business solutions to poverty and sharing knowledge that empowers. Together, WEW members and MEDA’s women clients have the power to, quite literally, change the world.

To find out more about the IMOW project, watch this video.

Check out MEDA's International Women's Day poster below to read how one women farmer was empowered through the knowledge she gained as part of the IMOW project!

b2ap3_large_b2ap3_large_IMOW-IWD-Poster-Competition-1st-Place MEDA - Knowledge is Power


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