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How Do I Apply To Volunteer?

You can find additional information on how to apply to each opportunity on the specific volunteer page that is of interest to you. You can also view some opportuntiies on the Careers page. If you have any question, email 

Am I Qualified To Volunteer?

It is important to note that applying to be a volunteer with MEDA is a competitive process. We are looking for specific skills and experiences from our volunteers. Visit the volunteer page of interest to see more specific qualifications for that opportunity.

How Much Does It Cost To Volunteer?

The cost of the volunteer placement varies depending on the project budget, location and duration. Specifics details about cost will be available for each individual opportunity.

Typical costs for international volunteer placements may include:
• Return airfare and visa costs
• Required vaccinations and anti-malarials
• Accommodations
• Food and incidentals

In addition, if the project budget is able to cover some of these costs, volunteers are still encouraged to cover a specified portion of the associated costs for their placement or to provide MEDA a donation to contribute to the project. Having volunteers cover a portion their own costs allows MEDA to maximize the use donor and project funds for our clients.

Why Volunteer?

As a MEDA supporter, we welcome the opportunity for you to engage at a deeper level with the work that we do. We appreciate your willingness to share your time and talent to help those around the world. Volunteering is a great way for you to contribute to sustainable economic development while you gain valuable cross-cultural experience.

Steps To Becoming A Volunteer

Below is the typical recruitment process for a volunteer (subject to change):

Step 1 – Apply online
Step 2 – Preliminary Phone Interview
Step 3 – Second Phone Interview
Step 4 – Final Decision and Contract
Step 5 – Pre-departure Preparation and Training
Step 6 – Depart for Placement
Step 7 – Post-Placement Follow-ups

Am I Eligible to Volunteer?

All volunteers interested in international opportunities must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate:

  • Valid Passport
  • Ability to obtain country entry visa
  • Proof of health and travel insurance
  • Required Innoculations