Inspiration and shared learning

Alea Enns and Linnea Nelson

Attending MEDA’s 2023 convention was a “transformative and life-changing experience,” a Manitoba university student says.
“Seeing individuals who share a deep-rooted faith, a passion for entrepreneurship, a commitment to empowering women in business, and the heart to create business solutions to solve poverty was extremely inspiring,” Alea Enns wrote in a reflection following the event.

Enns is a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business, working towards a double major in Accounting and Human Resources. The evident place of faith throughout the convention impressed Enns. “It was a reminder that our faith in God can be a powerful driving force in the world of business and economic development.”

A convention seminar by Everence executive Dave Warren about maximizing personal contribution to the common good made Enns think about ways she can impact the world for good. “I often see the cut-throat and selfish side of business, but the convention showed me how positive it can be to blend faith and business together,” she said.

Enns was impressed by the emphasis on social entrepreneurship, the pitch competition, and the stories of female entrepreneurs overcoming obstacles and succeeding. She also enjoyed the networking opportunities, which, along with social events and workshops, “fostered an environment of collaboration and shared learning. It was evident that the MEDA community is not just about attending a convention; it’s about building a network of support and collaboration that extends beyond the event itself.”

While Enns has an interest in entrepreneurship, she had never previously considered how she would go about it in her own life. Pitch competition speakers inspired her to think of creative ways “that I could use my God-given gifts to find a solution to an identified problem.”

Alea Enns and Linnea Nelson are granddaughters of longtime MEDA supporters Bert and Lee Friesen.


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