Aligning online communications with corporate goals

Macy's Troyer's firm aims to create meaningful online content for its clients. | Photos by Myriam Nicodemus

Indiana entrepreneur helps businesses navigate the world of social media

By Marshall V. King

Macy Troyer says she was born with confidence. In her early years, she used that to develop a knack for entrepreneurship. She made and sold rubber-band bracelets or was a cosmetologist for her friends going to prom. She performed as an Elvis impersonator at age six. By age seven, she was a dancer collecting dollars to perform the can opener or funky chicken at a party.

She’s 27 now and thriving as an entrepreneur. She was 23 when she launched Goaldy, a social media marketing firm. That company is her main focus as she helps others with marketing strategy, content creation, and building trust using social media. In fall 2023, she launched another brand called Kindspire (combining the words “kindness” and “inspiration”). She created 30 small cards that have inspirational messages that can be used as something to share with someone else as a random act of kindness or to be used for yourself.

“But they’re really designed to be shared with other people,” Troyer says. “Kindspire is to get people to look up again and not always be on their phone. It’s to encourage interaction and just get us caring for humans again, especially in a post-COVID world.” Her new book is also intended to inspire others and ignite a fire and passion in them for living, but also creating as an entrepreneur. “Ready, Mindset, Go!” is her roadmap of how she became an entrepreneur. She says others can use it to transform “from a mere ‘wantrepreneur’ to a full-fledged entrepreneur.”

Troyer’s journey started in southern Indiana, where she was born and raised. Her mother’s parents, Monda and Medhat Girgis, had emigrated from Egypt by way of Scotland and New York City. It was there that Medhat’s boss urged him to take the day off and go to a Billy Graham crusade. The Girgis were Coptic Christians who had a conversion experience that day. The couple settled in Bedford, Indiana, where Medhat practiced medicine. Her mother married a German American, and Macy was born in their high-energy family in Bedford. After high school, she went to Indiana University’s campus in Indianapolis to study marketing, business management, and international studies at the Kelley School of Business.

During college, she met Luke Troyer and started dating. “We both knew immediately we were going to get married,” she says. After graduation in 2018, she married Luke and moved to South Bend to be with him. He was working at The Troyer Group, the architectural firm started by Luke’s grandfather, LeRoy Troyer. As they married and she joined the Troyer family, she learned about Mennonites. In 2019, she went with Luke to the MEDA convention, just as LeRoy had done for many years prior to his death in 2018. “And that’s where it clicked for me of how incredible and unforgettable people that are of the Mennonite faith truly are,” she said. “Because they love the right way. They serve the right way. They don’t just do it because they’re Christian. They truly believe it, and that’s from their faith.”

Macy Troyer worked in commercial real estate in northern Indiana. After two years with the company, she asked her boss what her future looked like. She saw others staying in their positions for decades and realized she wanted something different than that. “I’m a lifelong learner, and growing and evolving are priorities to me,” she says. She became a broker and, without knowing it, was also building her personal brand. She was sharing her personal story on LinkedIn and created Blossm Social Media, what she now calls a side hustle. Her plan was to use Blossm as the umbrella for her consulting work with others on social media as she built her real estate career. 

Macy Troyer developed an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. | Photo by Ninety Three Creative

Her first day as a commercial broker was March 1. Two weeks later, the COVID-19 pandemic upended her plans. By May, she stopped doing real estate and focused full-time on Blossm, which has since become Goaldy. She’s also relocated back to Indianapolis with Luke. She has been on social media since she was ten years old. Now, she and her team help others use social media to build and support their work. Troyer and the handful of people who work for her build meaningful social media posts so that their clients can focus on the things at which they excel.

While Kindspire offers a tactile product that is about not looking at your phone, Goaldy’s goal is having meaningful content when you do. Troyer believes that social media is a tool that is no longer a luxury for a business. Since many of us Google a business or look at social media before we reach out or buy a product, she wants to ensure that those are aligned with a company’s goals.
“Macy is an absolute powerhouse in the branding, marketing, and social media arena,” says Will Weed, CEO at Robert Weed Corp. “She is ever-present, a true business partner, consistently assessing and adjusting her business for a quickly changing playing field, and I always see her out in the market making connections and getting it done! More important to me, her positive, can-do attitude is absolutely infectious. If you can’t get motivated working with Macy, you can’t get motivated at all. That energy helps remove obstacles and pave the way for the future. She makes it feel simple. It’s a burst of energy to work with Macy.”

Her goal is to showcase the authenticity and professionalism of a company in what is forward-facing online. That is how they approach the writing, photography, and videography they create. That doesn’t mean she wants someone to be looking at their phones constantly. In fact, she’s concerned about the impact social media is having on our mental health. She believes time is the most valuable gift we have. She’s driven and works hard but is so often energized by her work. She loves unplugging and will leave her phone at home and go for a walk.

Friends started asking Troyer how she built Goaldy. She thought about starting a YouTube channel to answer the question but didn’t want to have to spend all the time in front of the computer to create and maintain that. So she started writing. “I’ve been journaling and reflecting on my experience as an entrepreneur and also doing research on what other successful entrepreneurs have faced. What they’ve done to improve their mindset is to make sure they don’t stop their entrepreneurial journey just because they get rejected or they’re lacking self-belief,” she says.

Her classes at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University didn’t talk about mentality or mindset. They covered pitching to investors and sales strategies, but not about how to work and live intentionally. Self-belief and self-confidence are critical to being a successful entrepreneur. She kept writing for two years and had a book, which she self-published, “Ready, Mindset, Go! Activate the Mindset Needed to Go from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur,” in fall 2023 and has now produced a workbook alongside it. She says the book is selling well, and the response to it has been good.

The book tells of her journey so far, but she believes much lies ahead. At one point, Macy planned out her life in great detail. Now she tries to plan a little bit day by day. “My priority is to feel fulfilled, honor God, and love people,” she says. “If I’m not having fun and enjoying my life, and joyously living,” I need to prioritize what I’m doing. And right now, I’m having a blast. I enjoy waking up. I love my work.”

Marshall V. King is a writer and journalist based in Goshen, Indiana. You can read more of his writing at or


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