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How technology unleashes women’s potential

Delving deeper into the topic of “knowledge is power: harnessing technology for greater gender equality.” Exploring the challenges that women face in accessing ICTs and the opportunities that these technologies provide for empowering women.

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MEDA releases its “Farmers’ Economic Advancement Through Seedlings (FEATS)” project learning series

Today, MEDA released its “Farmers’ Economic Advancement Through Seedlings (FEATS)” project Learning Series papers. This learning series contains valuable insights from the FEATS project, which ran for seven years, concluding in the latter half of 2022. FEATS aimed to improve the economic well-being of women and men farmers in tree crop industries in Ghana by providing women and men farmers and enterprises with the finance, technology, and technical assistance they need to build thriving farms and businesses.

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GROW Intern Spotlight: Farida Latif

At MEDA’s GROW (Greater Rural Opportunities for Women) project office in Tamale, Ghana, we understand the importance of practical teaching opportunities, which is why both the Tamale

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