Tekalegn: Ethiopian weaver creates innovative design (Ethiopia)


Tekalegn Zergaw moved from SNNPR (Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region, Ethiopia) to the capital of Addis Ababa to improve his income and to help his family.

He stayed on in Addis and has been weaving to support his family from a distance as the sole source of income for 17 years. He recently returned to Chencha and received technical assistance through MEDA’s EDGET project as a member of the Behibret Enamelet Weaving Cooperative.

Tekalegn is one of the weavers with high potential in the association. He designed an innovative tibeb (unique design feature of Ethiopian textiles) made of grass and thread tilet. A model weaver known for his design quality and willingness to transfer his knowledge to other weavers, he is helping to promote the need for change and growth within Ethiopia’s textile hand woven industry.

He acknowledges the importance of quality textiles not just for appearance, but also for the opportunity to improve income resulting from recognition of quality. The significance of the importance of delivering quality and timely orders are evident in Tekalegn’s design initiative and the encouragement he has offered to other weavers in his cooperative.

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