Osouleya: corner store girls (Egypt)


Osouleya is a young lady who had fallen on hard times: her delivery truck and all the goods it was carrying were destroyed in a car accident. Osouleya then employed her two nieces Saly and Sahar Shawal in her little corner grocery store. These stores make up a large number of Egyptian Association for Community Initiatives and Development (EACID) clients: tiny little stores that sell a variety of goods – from canned food goods to flashlights and batteries.

Osouleya needed a large loan to replace what she had lost in the accident; in order to get a larger loan, she had to register her business, which she found difficult. While admits that the loan component of the project is her main interest, she is happy that she has learned to reduce risks that her nieces were facing, and that the girls have been able to take advantage of some of the Promoting and Protecting the Interests of Children Who Work in Egypt (PPIC-W) interventions.

Osouleya tells us that the girls have been helped through the Education Support Program (ESP) in identifying and dealing with hazards in the business (carrying heavy weights, standing for long periods of time, difficult customers, etc.), in photography and drawing classes (which assists children to identify challenges they face at work and brainstorm mitigation techniques) and in computer-based learning.

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