Abtwalib: “Selling LLINs is more than just a business.” (Tanzania)


In the small village of Goima, 30 km from the nearest town, in Dodoma Region, Mr. Abtwalib R. Dinya serves the many villagers that enter his small shop. As one of the few retailers in his village, Mr. Dinya stocks his shop with everything from toys for kids, to salt and sugar, to lotion and soap. While these goods do provide for the needs of his community, what he enjoys most of all is his involvement in the Tanzania National Voucher Scheme (TNVS) through his sales of LLIN bed nets.

At the time of meeting Mr. Dinya, he explained that he had owned his shop for many years however his involvement in the Hati Punguzo program began in 2007 when he signed up to be a TNVS retailer. Mr. Dinya expressed that the net business was extremely motivating for him because he felt he was able to support and give back to his community in a meaningful way.

“The net business is more than just a business; I am serving the lives of people (especially pregnant women and children). Apart from getting money from the 500 shilling top up amount, I am proud that my community is getting mosquito treated nets at an affordable price to control malaria.”

Mr. Dinya shared that the recent changes that occurred with regards to net distribution have served him very well. By simply sending in an order for more nets, via sms, to the supplier sales representative that works in his area, he no longer has to travel over 30 km to restock his net supply. Instead, the nets he orders through text message, are delivered right to his front door. In addition, the profit he has accrued from net sales has helped him resupply his shop with other much-needed items. His business also allows him to increase his capital, which in turn aids in providing for his family. Even though Mr. Dinya has gained financially from his involvement with TNVS, he believes in the goals of TNVS and its ability to help curb malaria in Tanzania. He hopes that net use/ownership, especially among pregnant women and children, will continue to go up.

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