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Read inspiring stories from the field about the work we do with our clients.
Ismoil’s Sweet Challenge

Ismoil: sweet challenge (Tajikistan)

Ismoil Isokov is living with his 2 sons and wife in the center of Istaravshan in North Tajikistan. The main connection from Khujand to the capital Dushanbe leads through the

Bizoro’s Model Garden

Bizoro: growing opportunities (Tajikistan)

Bizoro Razakova lives with her husband, two sons and their families in the very traditional county Chorku. Bizoro is a graduate from the university in Dushanbe and has worked for


Angela: precious, unique designs (Nicaragua)

After 10 years of administrating her mother’s Dressmaking Shop, 31 year old and mother of two, Angela Gisell Hernandez is now the owner of this shop that provides jobs for

Elena: breaking through gender barriers (Ukraine)

Elena Berezina Status: Married, 2 childrenMain crop: Table grapesLead farmer to 20 UHDP clientsArea under Project crop: 1.5 hectaresOther source of income: wheat, sunflowers, oats Before the Project:My husband and


Aliyah: “I feel like a new person!” (Ukraine)

Aliyah SeydametovaClient since: 2011Status: Widowed with 2 childrenMain crop: Strawberries, 1200 m2Secondary Crop: Grapes, 1200m2Other income: Salaried position on Village CouncilGender Innovation Fund Grant Before the Project:In 2011, when my

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Harnessing the power of women farmers in Kenya to fuel community prosperity: The Jiren Jabesa Women Group

By Betty Mutua, Faith Nyagwoka and Alex Hori The residents of Isiolo County, Kenya live in a challenging environment: the county’s arid climate severely impacts...

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From Barbershop to croton seed collection: A businessman’s journey

Francis is a barber from Samburu County, Kenya who works hard to provide for his family. Yet, despite his best efforts, he realized that the...

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Creating a more sustainable world, one tree at a time- Promoting Farm Forestry in Kenya

By David Waiyaki, Faith Nyagwoka and Alex Hori Since 2019, MEDA, Farm Forestry Smallholder Producers Association of Kenya (FF SPAK), and Global Affairs Canada (GAC)...

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EKL Photo - Irrigation

Empowering women farmers through water irrigation agriculture in Kenya’s Chili Sector- MEDA’s work in promoting sustainable livelihoods

By David Waiyaki, Faith Nyagwoka and Alex Hori With a booming chilies market in Kenya, Equator Kenya Limited’s (EKL) business is thriving. Over the past...

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Volodymyr partners with MEDA to ensure his beehives survive and his business thrives

For three years, the Ukrainian beekeepers have been actively testing chlorella algae, which is used as feed for bees. This year, with support from the Ukraine...

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Adama gains financial independence and improves communication in the home

Adama is a peanut and rice processor in Bauchi. Before the project, she struggled to manage her finances, which limited her savings. In August 2020, MEDA...

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Amina Coffee Farmer

Coffee…It’s all about the aroma!

“The aroma from the Café Del Duca coffee has distinguished me and enabled me to market my business. Today I have cash from my daily...

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Redemuta Coffee Farmer

Economic empowerment through coffee farming

Redemuta is a coffee farmer in rural Kenya. She is an 80-year-old mother of five, currently living with her school-aged grandchild. She became involved in...

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Muchele Coffee Farmer

Stable incomes through coffee farming

Muchele is a 60-year-old coffee farmer who lives in Bungoma county. He was a maize and sugarcane farmer before shifting to coffee farming. As various...

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Selina Milk Farmer

Improving milk quality and maximizing incomes

Selina Chepngeno Sigei is a 43-year old mother of 7 children who lives in Bomet county. Previously, her husband was the main breadwinner for the...

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Fowzia Poultry Farmer

“My dream of having a husband has not come true, so instead I started to consider how I could create my own source of income.”

Fowzia is a 32-year-old woman from a Somali community in Garissa county, Kenya where she lives with her extended family. Born in a rural Somali...

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M-SAWA project improves the incomes of farmers by increasing supply chain productivity

Vegpro Ltd. is a major exporter of vegetables, fruits and flowers to the UK and Europe. Although 90% of the company’s produce comes from its...

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Merry’s Banana Split

Merry is a banana farmer from, Tanzania. She started her farm shortly after getting married to support her family and pay for her four daughters’...

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Kache Kiponda – Nevertheless, she persisted (M-SAWA)

by Betty Mutua and Katie West In Kenya, land ownership gives rights, privileges and power. However, few women have access to land ownership. Kache is...

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Fredrick Charo (M-SAWA)

by Dennis Mayaka and Katie West Fredrick is a Kenyan farmer who harvests chillies on the six acres of land he inherited from his father....

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