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Towards an Equal World

At MEDA, we believe that all people deserve the opportunity to earn a livelihood and that unleashing entrepreneurship is a powerful way to alleviate poverty.

With over 65 years of success MEDA has a rich history and solid reputation for our work creating business solutions to poverty. Recent events have catalyzed wide-scale systemic changes in our world – these changes represent an opportunity for MEDA to continue to grow and evolve and increase the impact of our work.

As stewards of the solid foundation we are standing on, MEDA is setting its course toward a bold vision to achieve decent work for 500,000 people, primarily women and youth, by 2030.

There are some constants that remain true: poverty continues to exist at unacceptable levels; enabling the entrepreneurial spirit in people unleashes their potential to earn a decent living; and your support, motivated by faith or like-minded values, is what makes this possible.

The facts are clear – three quarters of workers in developing countries are in vulnerable employment; and most of those living in poverty are employed in the agricultural sector. One of The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals is to “achieve full and productive employment, and decent work, for all women and men by 2030”. With your support, MEDA aims to make a key contribution to that outcome.


MEDA's Strategic Plan and Theory of Change align closely with these six Sustainable Development Goals: 

We aim to enhance our focus on the agri-food market system working with farm entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises.

To reach this goal we will leverage our key areas of expertise and strength. We will continue our two cornerstone approaches of bringing risk capital through blended finance and impact investment; combined with business and technical expertise – providing advisory services and creating market linkages. We will continue to ensure that entrepreneurs we work with succeed in an ethical manner by encouraging environmental sustainability, gender equality and social inclusion.

To achieve our bold vision of decent work for 500,000 people we will need to work differently. We intend to shift our focus from securing more and increasingly large contracts to achieving impact at scale and to focus on creating system-level change. Developing longer-term wide-ranging partnerships that will transcend country boundaries and encompass broader regions and whole systems will be key. Also critical will be transferring more responsibility to our in-country partners to develop these partnerships and to create and carry out the plans for system-level change.

We are excited about this bold vision and are formulating action plans to bring this about. We hope you are encouraged by this inspiring vision too – will you join us?

At MEDA, we are responding and adapting to help alleviate the impacts of inequality, climate change, market isolation, and exclusion from markets through our work to create business solutions to poverty. In order to respond to global changes with sustainable and successful solutions, we have a comprehensive plan that is designed to be intersectional in its solutions. Our Theory of Change directs and guides our work. It lays out how we create business solutions to poverty.