Women Walking To GROW Top Banner2100 Trekkers for 100 km to raise $100,000 to support women and girls in Northeastern Nigeria through MEDA.

Women Walking to GROW - 100 km Challenge

Bruce Trail Sign and Blaze whiteJoin us in trekking 100 km of the Bruce trail from July 18th to July 21st to help women and youth in Nigeria! (Sign up below)

Fundraising Requirements: We are asking each person to commit to a minimum fundraising goal of $100 to support the MEDA Nigeria WAY program.

Responsibilities: Each person is responsible for obtaining their own accommodation, travel, food, water and trekking equipment and supplies for the week long 100 km trek. Once you sign up, our committee will provide additional information and a checklist to assist with your planning.

*Due to the traffic concerns on QEW, we recommend that those trekkors completing the entire week may want to book accomodation at either end to support travel in the mornings and afternoons following trekking. We have provided a list of accomodation at both Niagara, and Hamilton end of the trek for your use.

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