MEDA Strategic Directions Overview

MEDA Strategic Directions Overview

MEDA has adopted new strategic directions, summed up as Business to the Power of Two (B2). With B2 we are confident that we will be able to continue to help our clients and partners meet their needs in a rapidly changing world, and realize what we believe to be their God-given potential.

While our focus on sustainable livelihoods remains the same, the way we create sustainable livelihoods must change, too.

We aim to keep vulnerable poor families – especially in rural, agricultural areas – at the heart of our efforts. Livelihoods will be sustained by profitable business entities at a minimum of two market levels within a stronger ecosystem of entrepreneurship.

We say two market levels because we are reviewing and analyzing the markets and how various players interact. The system is sustainable and vibrant if all actors in the system are networked.

When we work at two levels, it ensures the market system engagement is strong, supported and sustainable.

Our faith-based values will continue to form the core of who we are and how we approach our work.