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Ahmed Al Omari

Outfitter aims to make the Jordan Trail a go-to destination

Every year, hundreds of thousands of adventure seekers walk the Camino de Santiago, a network of trails that run through every major European city.

A lesser known, spectacular hiking experience is available on the 398-mile (640 kilometre) Jordan Trail that runs the length of Jordan.

Jordan Dolson of Legacy Greens

Owner of Kitchener grocery store promotes healthy choices

Jordan Dolson knows that merchandising choices she makes at her grocery store mean Legacy Greens is less profitable than it could be.

And she’s okay with that.

For Dolson, 35, providing healthy food options for her customers in Kitchener, ON is more important than padding the bottom line. “It’s more of a passion project than a way to get rich,” she says with a smile.

Business as a Calling Book Cover

Tim A. Dearborn is one of the keynote speakers at MEDA’s upcoming convention: Taking the Leap, to be held Oct. 31 to Nov. 3 at the Westin La Paloma in Tucson, Arizona. The excerpt below is from his book: Business as a Holy Calling: A workbook for Christians in business and their pastors.

Renewables will bring power to a billion unserved Africans within a decade, experts say.

Renewable energy will likely bring power to many under-served areas of Africa within the next decade, industry observers say.

As many as a billion people, most of them in Sub-Saharan Africa, lack access to electricity. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #7 targets universal access to power by 2030.

Jake King enjoys living and working in rural Lancaster County.

Young entrepreneur pursues multiple vocations, finds community in MEDA connection

By Eileen R. Kinch

Ask Jake King what he does, and you might hear a variety of answers: freelance consultant, research analyst, copy writer, house husband, entrepreneur.

A Goshen, Indiana native, King graduated from Eastern Mennonite University in 2009 with a degree in English. His career has taken him to Wall Street, Lancaster County, and more recently, his own home office.

DN and ST right side upMEDA president Dorothy Nyambi (right) with IDE Canada president Stu Taylor during a visit to Winnipeg. Nyambi hopes the two development agencies will find ways to work together.



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Savings and loan groups help women and youth in rural Jordan

5 minute read

For many Jordanians, the ideas of saving, and using a bank to do so, are unfamiliar concepts.
People who earn money on a seasonal basis spend in the winter what they have earned in the summer. Wealthier Jordanians may save a significant portion of their income, investing in gold or land. Others just try to get by.

Ohio company ferries Amish to winter getaways in Florida

By JB Miller

While operating an automobile collision-repair business in the 1980’s, David Swartzentruber began renting vans to drivers who provided transportation services for the Holmes County, Ohio-area Amish.

During winter months, many of these vans were traveling to Pinecraft, a small community in Sarasota, Florida.

Ecolodge founder promotes experiential travel

5 minute read

Nabil Tarazi wants to move people’s vacations from sightseeing to sight doing, or experiential travel.

Tarazi, founder and managing director of EcoHotels, is also treasurer and an executive board member of the Global EcoTourism Network. The network encourages people to seek out destinations where their spending will support local communities and not just international hotel chains.

1 minute read

For MEDA and many other organizations in the international development sector, explaining how projects support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) is an ongoing and important part of telling their story.
The SDGs were set by the UN General Assembly in 2015, an effort to reach a series of targets by 2030. They cover social and economic development issues related to poverty, gender equality, climate action, decent work and economic growth and affordable and clean energy, among others.

Job creation with polished stones

Ethiopian project provides opportunities in gemstones

By Katie West

4 minute read

Ethiopia is an emerging economy with the potential to become an economic powerhouse in East Africa. It is also home to one of the largest opal reserves in the world. The country has deposits of over 40 coloured gemstones including aquamarine, jasper, agate, amethyst, emerald and more.

Since the discovery of the opal in the mid-1990s, Ethiopia has become the second-largest exporter of opals after Australia. Most of them are destined for China and India.

But the Ethiopian gemstone industry faces a challenge — the gap between the skills required on the job and the actual skills possessed by employees. This is a common problem across many industries throughout the continent.

Compost courier Tyrell Benton and Compost Winnipeg project manager Kelly Kuryk with bins and  machineryCompost courier Tyrell Benton and Compost Winnipeg project manager Kelly Kuryk with bins and machinery

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Ukrainian grape farmer with Mujtaba and MEDA staffMEDA staff visit a MEDA client at her table grape farm near Odessa, Ukraine, next to the Black Sea. From left to right: Mujtaba Ali, Dmytro Kratsov, farm owner Tetyana Smaglyuchenko and Alexandra Harmash

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DN and ST right side upMEDA president Dorothy Nyambi (right) with IDE president Stu Taylor during a visit to Winnipeg. Nyambi hopes the two development agencies will find ways to work together

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Everence researcher engages companies in social change

2 minute read

Chris Meyer dreams big dreams.

“I would love to see our global financial system be transformed into a more sustainable structure that accounts for the human and environmental impacts of our economy, not just the short-term financial effort,” says the Ohio man, who works as manager of stewardship investing research and advocacy for Everence Financial/Praxis Mutual Funds. “I hope to be part of that transformation.”