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By Mike Strathdee

As Printed in The Marketplace – March/April 2018

“What can you do as a business manager in the world? I would say you can give people employment. If you give a thousand people, or even 20 people, or five people employment, meaningful employment, you are making a great contribution to this world. What is more destructive of human personality than forced idleness? I would think that one of the great incentives of being in business is to make it possible for some people to live, and to live decently, and live well.” — The late J. Lawrence Burkholder in a keynote address to the 1986 MEDA convention

Ramping up the number of women-owned businesses is key to ending extreme poverty, says World Bank Group president Jim Yong Kim.

Founder-run companies are less well run than those where the management didn’t start the firm, a study by business professors at three US universities concludes.

Support for longhand writing and reading print publications instead of electronic screens can be found in a recent issue of Fast Company magazine. An article entitled, “This is How the Way You Read Impacts Your Memory and Productivity,” cites studies showing that taking notes by hand helps a person remember content better than if your notes are typed into a smart phone or laptop.