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A selection of learning documents that focuses on growing farms and businesses in the Ukrainian horticultural sector.

The Ukraine Horticulture Business Development Project (UHBDP) was a seven-year initiative, funded by Global Affairs Canada, to help small-holder farmers (SMFs) and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the horticulture sector grow in the Odesa, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, and Mykolaiv regions of Ukraine. The project concluded in March 2021.  

Key Themes Include

ICT tools for Women Economic empowerment 

Access to high-quality inputs through an E-voucher program   

Gender Equality Smart Innovation Grants 

Improved access to financials via a partnership with a local bank 

Reaching Women Clients with a Market Systems Development Approach

More about the UHBDP project

MEDA worked with its local partners and five local technical universities to implement the UHBDP project, which led to:

  • Increased production, harvest, and post-harvest capabilities. It did this by hosting educational events on environmental best practices and gender equality.
  • A purchase incentive fund. MEDA partnered with twenty-three companies to implement an e-voucher program for environmental certification and sustainable materials, products, and services.
  • Environmentally sustainable production practices for producers. These producers were trained on environmentally sustainable practices through online and face-to-face events.
  • Business capabilities and market linkages to partner with lead firms and farmer cooperatives. As a result, it increased their sales during harvest seasons and built the organizational capacities of small farmers and entrepreneurs.

Overall, the UHBDP helped 44,000 horticulture small-holder farmers (SMFs) and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) expand their farms and businesses in Southern Ukraine.

Read more about the UHBDP project here.

Client Stories

MEDA’s learnings are now available for download here. This learning series shares best practices, research, and insights from our partnerships and programming in Ukraine.


This project was undertaken with the financial support of Global Affairs Canada


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This project was implemented by MASHAV, MEGA Bank, Zemlya Tavrii, LASKA Fund, ORACS (Odesa Regional Agricultural Consultancy Services), UWFC (Ukrainian Women Farmer’s Council), Agro-Tavria, and five local technical universities.