JVL Learning Series

An advanced technical guide on equality and economic empowerment in Jordan with practical examples to put your learnings into action.

Learning Series: Jordan

MEDA’s Jordan Valley Links (JVL) Learning Series shares good practices and learnings from our partnerships and programming in Jordan, emphasizing the voices and perceptions of our women and youth clients.

Key Themes Include

Improving Businesses: Inclusive Market Systems​​

Reducing Barriers: Community Engagement and Gender Equality​

Tools & Approaches

About the JVL Project

The Jordan Valley Links (JVL) project promoted economic empowerment for women and youth by fostering more inclusive market systems in the Jordan Valley region and improving access to finance, while building a more entrepreneurial culture within communities and households.

The JVL project collaborated with women and youth microentrepreneurs, small and medium scale businesses and other market actors in the food processing, community-based tourism, and clean technology sectors to boost business performance, improve their business operating environment, increase access to finance (savings and loans), and advocate for more equitable participation of women and youth in Jordan’s economy.

Resources Available

We welcome your comments and feedback on the materials. You can email us at jvl-info@meda.org.

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This program was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.