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2016 - 2021 (Closed July 31, 2021)

In the Jordan Valley, entrepreneurs in general have limited access to markets, business development services, and finance; these constraints are particularly evident for women and youth. In addition, societal and cultural perceptions towards youth and women’s work and entrepreneurship are negative. As a result, promising entrepreneurs are not able to bring their good ideas to market or to develop businesses at a time of heightened economic fragility in Jordan. Entrepreneurship, innovation and risk-taking among women and youth are further hindered by the lack of support, infrastructure, and cultural restrictions.

MEDA's work in Jordan

Over 5 years, MEDA Jordan collaborated with a diversepartners including private companies, service providers (private and non-governmental), and financial institutions. Through our local partners, JVL assisted approximately 18,000 women and youth entrepreneurs in managing their own businesses, which will contribute to Jordan’s economic growth. Women and youth were supported with training and mentorship to improve their business knowledge and linked to markets where they sell their products and services. Through our project, MEDA provided training, coaching/mentorship, and business linkages for micro and small-medium enterprises, as well as conducted gender awareness and sensitization training. Saving and Loan Groups were established to facilitate access to finance and a Business Plan Competition provided start-up and growth funds to drive women and youth-led businesses.

To get a comprehensive overview of the projects achievements and gather insights from project partner and clients, please view a recorded version of our closing event “Enduring Legacy: Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth through linking them with the Market”, and the panels on Gender Equality, Private Sector Engagement, and Savings and Loan Group.

To recognize and celebrate the project’s successful implementation in Jordan, selected client stories and information on their businesses, as well as overall project achievements, have been compiled in a bilingual (English-Arabic) booklet. 

The team faced several challenges which led to much learning and innovating along the way. Innovations in the types of private sector partners selected; the ways in which changes in women’s lives can be measured; the use of new technologies to collect and store large amounts of data; and many more. You can find more information on our innovations and learning on the JVL Learning Series page.



To increase the contribution by Jordanian women and youth to Jordan’s economic growth. This will be done by improving entrepreneurial and business acumen of women and youth and by reducing barriers to entry (market and societal/cultural) for enterprise development.


18,000 women and youth


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Qalsoom’s Kitchen – A women entrepreneur emerges as a role model in Um Qais

Al Harra Fogga Café – A budding youth-led enterprise Supporting Saleh to grow his new business
Biscuits Baked with the Flavour of Hope – Local entrepreneur Anwar Al Shwayat
Intelligent Blooming – Wijdan operates a nursery, where she sells plants, flowers and an array of herbs

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