Update September 23, 2021: MEDA-ATTEINDRE has received proposals from more than 90 local organizations since the launch of its grant fund in November 2020. Due to the overwhelming response, we are no longer actively seeking new proposals.  You are always invited to submit your expression of interest, but you may not receive a response, as we have already identified enough activities to reach our program targets.

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2020 - 2024

MEDA and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), are working to provide targeted support for 30,000 micro, small and medium business enterprises (MSMEs) to become bankable enterprises. Through this project, these enterprises will be better able to grow, become more competitive, and generate jobs within trade areas across Haiti.


The USAID ATTEINDRE project is on track, creating jobs and increasing incomes for women, men, youth and their families. At the moment, It supports more than 5,100 individuals and businesses and creates and sustains 649 jobs.



The name ‘ATTEINDRE’ was chosen to convey the project’s objective:  For MSMEs to attain greater economic resiliency and overcome the barriers they face to starting and running stable businesses. 


The goal of USAID ATTEINDRE (ATTAIN) is to support the creation of an ecosystem of financial and business advisory service providers whose products and services are tailored to the needs of MSMEs. This will allow MSMEs to operate in an enabling environment oriented to their long-term growth, which in turn can contribute sustainably to household income, business expansion and job creation.


The USAID ATTEINDRE project is working to directly impact 30,000 companies by enhancing their productivity and supporting their access to inclusive financial products and services (including digital payments). Indirectly, the project is increasing the incomes of women, men, young people, and families through resilient business growth and job creation.


The formal private sector in Haiti only employs around 7% of the total labor force. In comparison, a large informal sector accounts for the majority of employment and income for many Haitians. Yet, this informal sector faces a number of challenges, such as systemic barriers to business creation and growth, scarce and expensive business advisory and workforce services and the cost of borrowing is often high. The business development services that are provided are also not tailored to the needs of MSMEs. The challenges that small businesses in Haiti face are acutely felt by women and youth. Finally, MSMEs experience challenges accessing a trained and skilled labor force due to limited educational opportunities and significant migration of skilled human capital out of Haiti.


There are ample opportunities for businesses in Haiti to thrive. By providing technical assistance and access to tailored financial products for MSMEs, MEDA and its partners can ensure that business support services and financial services are equitably distributed throughout the MSME sector, which will contribute to an equitable and competitive market system. This enhanced system will support the growth of Haitians livelihoods and businesses. 


Through the ATTEINDRE project,  MEDA and its partners are working to achieve impact by:

  • Increasing access to business advisory and workforce development services for MSMEs, by establishing a network of Haitian business advisory and workforce development service providers tailored to serve MSME needs.
  • Increasing access to financial products and the utilization of their services by MSMEs to strengthen the capacity of Haitian Financial Institutions and other relevant actors to expand financial inclusion in the targeted areas.
  • Strengthening the overall business ecosystem for MSMEs by the creation and reinforcement of sector associations while supporting the Government of Haiti’s strategy for MSME expansion and job creation.


Our Cumulative Impact by FY2022​


Direct Individuals


Direct Businesses


Direct Women Clients


Direct Youth Clients


Indirect Individuals


Indirect Businesses


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Total Budget


This program was undertaken with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development.

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