NTF4Ag: Emerging Lessons and New Frontiers

This digital learning event has now concluded. Thank you to participants and speakers who joined us in discussions of non-traditional finance to deliver sustainable and scalable agricultural innovations for smallholder farmers.

Thank you for Participating in NTF4Ag Online

On March 25-26, 2020, MEDA INNOVATE hosted a virtual learning event, NTF4Ag Online – Emerging Lessons and New Frontiers, where our partners shared results and insights from a global research portfolio.

NTF4Ag is part of INNOVATE’s Learning Series to engage practitioners and policymakers on the potential of non-traditional finance to scale adoption of agricultural innovations among smallholder farmers.

We invite you to view the resources linked below for more learnings and insights from MEDA INNOVATE and our partners.

You can also access the livestream for Day 1 and Day 2 on-demand to view at your convenience, or download the full NTF4Ag presentation slides for both day’s sessions

NTF4Ag Livestream Recordings

Featuring research lightning talks delivered by: Fireside Chat with Dan Zook, Executive Director, ISF Advisors, facilitated by Ben Fowler, Principal, MarketShare Associates (MSA)
Featuring research lightning talks delivered by: Fireside Chat with:
  • John Amimo – Programme Coordinator, African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA)
  • Calvin Miller – Agricultural Finance Expert
  • Carolina Trivelli – Senior Researcher, Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (IEP)

Recommended Reading (and Watching)

Read more about the INNOVATE results and learnings presented by NTF4Ag speakers:

Agronomy Technology Limited (ATL) – Malawi

A Case Study of the Chithumba Model: A non-traditional finance mechanism to improve access to farm inputs in Malawi (ATL Pilot Final Report • Jul 2019)

Bidhaa Sasa – Kenya

Product Testing and Diversification of Products Sold on Credit (Bidhaa Sasa Pilot Final Report • Mar 2020)

CARE Bangladesh


CIDRE IFD – Bolivia

Non-Conventional Collateral to Leverage Innovation Capital for Smallholder Farmers in Bolivia (CIDRE IFD Pilot Final Report • Oct 2019)

I-DEV International – Peru

Mobile Money and PAYG Innovation to Scale AgTech Adoption in Smallholder Value Chains (I-DEV International Final Lessons Learned Report • Nov 2019)

About NTF4Ag Online

Over two days, MEDA INNOVATE and partners shared experiences of designing, testing, and scaling non-traditional finance solutions and agricultural technologies for smallholder farmers across eight contexts — Bangladesh, Bolivia, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, and Rwanda. We hope that this digital learning session has helped participants to to generate new ideas and thinking on smallholder finance and innovation.

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As part of the INNOVATE learning series, MEDA and its partners produced publications, blog posts, webinars, and events to share results, insights and lessons from 10 pilot projects and case studies assessing the potential of non-traditional finance to promote agricultural innovation adoption among smallholder farmers across East Africa, South America, and South Asia.

Explore the INNOVATE Learning Series

This event is part of MEDA’s INNOVATE learning series, featuring publications, blog posts, webinars, and events tailored to provide implementers, policymakers, donors, funders, and development practitioners with practical insights and forward-looking solutions.


Principal, MarketShare Associates (MSA)
Agricultural Finance Expert
Senior Researcher, Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (IEP)
Executive Director, ISF Advisors
Programme Coordinator, AFRACA
Researcher, World Relief
Coordinator – Krishi Utsho, CARE Bangladesh
Managing Director, I-DEV International
Program Officer, World Relief
Co-founder/Director, Bidhaa Sasa
Project Manager – Agriculture, Dodore Kenya Ltd
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