How Soy can become a cornerstone of food security in Bauchi State, Nigeria

Women processing soy to be sold in their local markets
Women processing soy to be sold in their local markets

The soybean is a versatile crop that can be used to make many foods: Soy Jollof rice, Soy milk, Soy kebab and Soy stew are just a few of the recipes that this legume can be used for to create healthy, protein- rich meals. Working with local partners, Datoyi Foods, Green Tech Visionary and Women in Agriculture from the Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme (BSADP), MEDA’s WAY project in Bauchi State, Nigeria is promoting the use of soy through a Soy Utilization program that includes a radio campaign and offers tutorial sessions for 1,200 women Soybean manufacturer entrepreneurs.

The training sessions, which includes both theoretical and practical lessons, improved the women entrepreneurs’ understanding of soybeans in their community. These training sessions provided the participants with insights into the nutritious value of soybeans and how this crop can be used to make a variety of foods, including flour, maize, Tom Brown (a popular Nigerian baby food), masa (rice balls), soy kebab and soups.

A highlight of the Soy Utilization program was the food fair, which provided an opportunity to display to the public, community members and government the nutritional and commercial value of soy. The food fair was successful at promoting soybeans as a nutritious and more affordable alternative protein source, especially for households that experience poverty. At the end of the two-day training session, some participants returned home to apply their newfound knowledge in their communities.

Soybeans have the potential to be a highly dependable, staple crop in Bauchi state. By further promoting soy as an alternative protein source across the seven Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Bauchi, Dass, Toro, Ganjuwa, Warji, Katagum and Jama’are, it can improve the food security of the region’s households. The wide availability of the soybean crop, combined with its ease of cultivation, can lead to it being widely sold and benefitting the communities of Bauchi state, Nigeria.