One Day. One Cause. One Goal.

It’s that time of year again: You can’t believe it’s time to start your holiday shopping, your calendar is filling up with events, gatherings, concerts and meetings. You’ve probably developed a list of things you have to do in the next few weeks. But the coming of the holidays can’t distract us from thinking about the bigger things in life: A greater Cause; a greater Good.

We are more connected, and seemingly closer, than we’ve ever been before. At the drop of a hat (or, in this case, the click of a button), someone in Brussels can know the latest news out of Syria. Canadians can see what’s happening in Orlando, and Liberians can see what’s happening in Colombia.

Most of us can calmly put our children to bed tonight because we know that tomorrow is a new day, and with the new day comes new opportunities. But not everyone has that opportunity – or luxury.

On Friday, Nov. 25, most of us will have the opportunity to take advantage of the latest and greatest Black Friday deals at the local shopping centers. On Monday, Nov. 28, we’ll scan the internet for Amazon’s deal of the year in celebration of Cyber Monday.

But on Tuesday, Nov. 29, we have the opportunity to join hands with millions of others as we seek to give the gift of opportunity to our sisters and brothers who are living in poverty. This year, MEDA is joining with thousands of organizations in support of “#GivingTuesday” – a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy and to celebrate generosity worldwide.

We’re setting a goal to raise $5,000 online in one day for one cause: alleviating global poverty. We can do this, but we need your help.

Think big this holiday season. Think beyond your to-do list.

You have the opportunity to share God’s love with people living in poverty this holiday season. You have the chance to create opportunities through economic development for your sisters and brothers around the world.

And you have 11 ways to give!