Tree Global (Ghana)

Tree Global Ghana (TGG) is a subsidiary of Tree Global Inc., an international firm specializing in the production of high-quality tree seedlings using innovative growing methods. TGG is establishing production nurseries with an initial total capacity of more than 4 million seedlings per year.

Since the company began its Ghana operations in 2015, Tree Global has delivered over 450,000 cocoa seedlings to smallholder farmers. In 2016, the company expanded its seedling production capacity to 800,000 seedlings a year. While its main activities are currently centred around cocoa tree seedlings in Ghana, it is also involved in cashew, rubber and shea butter seedlings.

The nurseries operate as locally owned businesses, responsible for managing relations with cocoa farmers and ensuring their needs are met. They also create sustainable employment in rural areas.

By producing better seedlings, TGG will help to ensure the sustainability of Ghana’s tree crops sector. Agriculture comprises about a third of Ghana’s economy, and a third of that is tree crops.

TGG’s high-performance seedlings are aimed at producing more consistent trees with faster and higher yields, which mean higher incomes for farmers.