MicroVest Capital Management LLC

MicroVest provides capital to financial institutions that serve the working poor near the base of the pyramid. (In economics, "base of the pyramid" refers to the largest but poorest socio-economic group – the 2.5 billion people who live on less than $2.50 per day.)

Company Description

MicroVest provides capital to low-income finance institutions (LIFIs), including microfinance banks, serving individuals at the base of the economic pyramid. MicroVest manages a number of funds.

As a private, for-profit SEC-registered investment advisor, their team of experienced investment professionals conducts comprehensive due diligence to gain a full understanding of the operations, finances and culture of each potential partner and of the operating environment within each country.


Since 2003, MicroVest has provided financing to 89 microfinance institutions in 56 countries in Latin America, Emerging Europe and Asia. MicroVest’s founders have operations in over 75 countries, nearly 60 years of experience developing micro and small business, hands-on experience managing MFIs, 150 microfinance programs and MFIs and a proven track record of creating and managing investment funds.

In 2014, MicroVest was appointed manager of the new Luxembourg-based Sustainability, Finance and Real Economies Fund. SFRE is the first global open-ended investment company created to deploy substantial amounts of long-term capital to support the growing segment of banks focused on serving individuals and enterprises in the real economy* while delivering a triple bottom line of prosperity, planet and people. (*The part of the economy that is concerned with actually producing goods and services, as opposed to the part of the economy that is concerned with buying and selling on the financial markets.)

SFRE hopes to grow to over $1 billion over the next 10 years. The fund will invest in regulated banks that invest in the real economy globally.