Code of Conduct

Since our creation in 1953 by a group of business professionals, MEDA has embraced a culture of honesty and integrity with our employees, board, donors, business partners, and those we serve. Our high levels of ethical behavior, accountability, respect, and our core performance values have been instrumental in building the superb global reputation that we enjoy today for creating business solutions to poverty.

MEDA’s commitment to excellence, honesty and integrity is known to our donors, government officials, and stakeholders. Our staff help create this reputation. Our reputation is everything – without it, there is no trust, no respect, and no support from others. To sustain this excellent record, it is the duty of each of us to make informed, ethical decisions that build trust and reinforce our reputation as an accountable leader.

The Code of Conduct provides you with statements that stem from our values and policies to help you make the right choice when considering any action. If you are ever in doubt, there are many resources available to you. The important thing is that you Speak Up! if you believe something is wrong. No one will be retaliated against for making a good faith effort to report a situation that they believe is wrong.

As individuals associated with MEDA, we ask you to commit to:

1. Treat all clients and partners with respect and dignity.

I will always seek to fulfill MEDA’s mission to create business solutions to poverty within the context of our mission, vision and values, including demonstration of our core performance values. Related Policies: MEDA Mission Vision and Values Statement; MEDA Core Performance Values; Gender Policy

2. Uphold the integrity of MEDA by ensuring that my personal and professional conduct is, and is seen to be, of the highest standard.

I will demonstrate MEDA’s core values of collaboration, respect, accountability and entrepreneurship. I will commit to integrity, truthfulness, dedication to MEDA and honesty in my actions. I will be respectful to all persons with whom I deal in an official capacity, including co-workers, clients, partners, representatives of operational and implementing partners, governments and donors. Related Policies: MEDA Core Performance Values

3. Perform my official duties and conduct my private affairs in a manner that avoids conflicts of interest thereby preserving and enhancing public confidence in MEDA.

My actions will be free of any consideration of personal gain. I will declare any financial, personal, family (or close intimate relationship) interest which may impact on the work of MEDA. I will not accept outside employment or engage in outside activities which may interfere with the efficient performance of MEDA duties, without prior authorization. I will avoid any activities related to procurement of goods or services, or in human resource activities, where a conflict of interest may arise and should such conflicts arise I will disclose them to my supervisor in accordance with MEDA’s policy. Related Policies: Conflict of Interest Policy; AML Policy; Finance Policies

4. Safeguard and make responsible use of the information, equipment, money and resources to which I have access by reason of my employment with MEDA.

I will exercise due care in all matters of official business, and not divulge any confidential information about clients, colleagues and other work-related matters. I will protect, manage and utilize MEDA human, financial, IT and material resources efficiently and effectively, bearing in mind that these resources have been placed at MEDA’s disposal for the benefit of clients and other persons of concern. I will direct external media and information requests through the appropriate channels. I will appropriately account for all MEDA money and property (e.g., vehicles, office equipment, computers, email and intranet). Related Policies: Privacy Policy; Media Policy; Use of MEDA Property/IT Resources Policy

5. Promote the health, safety, security and welfare of MEDA staff, volunteers and contractors as a necessary condition for effective and consistent performance.

I will remain aware of and comply with all instructions designed to protect my health, welfare and safety. I will always consider the safety of staff in operational decisions. I will comply with local and corporate security and safety management guidelines. I will behave in such a way as to avoid any unnecessary risk to the health safety and welfare of myself and others, including partner organizations and clients. I will ensure that I am fit to safely and reliably perform my work duties, free from impairment due to alcohol and/or drugs on MEDA premises or in MEDA vehicles. Related Policies: Security Policies; Health and Safety Policies; MEDA HC Policy Handbooks

6. Refrain from any form of harassment, discrimination, physical or verbal abuse, intimidation or favoritism in the workplace.

I will not engage in or tolerate any form of harassment in the workplace, including sexual harassment and abuse of power. As a manager/supervisor, I will not solicit favors, loans or gifts from staff, partners, clients and suppliers nor will I accept unsolicited ones that are of more than token value. Related Policies: Anti-Violence, Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy; MEDA HC Policy Handbooks; MEDA Statement of Equity and Accessibility; HIV/Aids Policy

7. Prevent, oppose and combat all exploitation and abuse of clients and other persons of concern.

I undertake not to abuse the power and influence that I have by virtue of my position over the lives and well-being of clients and other persons of concern. I will never request any service or favor from clients or other persons of concern in return for protection or assistance. I will never engage in any exploitative relationships – sexual, emotional or financial – with clients or other persons of concern. In line with international standards I will not have sexual relations with children (defined as under 18 years old) or with clients. Should I find myself in such a relationship, or contemplating such a relationship, I will report this to HC for appropriate guidance in the knowledge that this matter will be treated with due discretion. MEDA will review matters to ensure the relationship is truly non-exploitive and consensual. Related Policies: Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy

8. Promote human rights, protect the environment and oppose criminal or unethical activities.

I will ensure that my conduct is consistent with the human rights framework to which MEDA subscribes. I will use my best endeavors to protect the natural environment and work in a sustainable way. I will contribute to preventing all forms of criminal or unethical activities. I will inform MEDA of any relevant criminal convictions or charges I have had prior to my employment in which MEDA may have a legitimate interest. I will also notify MEDA if I face any criminal charges during my employment that may impede my ability to perform the duties of my position subject to national legislation. I will neither support nor take part in any form of illegal, exploitative or abusive activities, including, for example, fraud, child labor, and trafficking of human beings. Related Policies: Anti-trafficking Policy, AML Policy, Environment Policy, Gender Policy, MEDA Statement of Equity and Accessibility, MEDA Human Rights Statement of Commitment.

Reporting Contacts

Those who work with or for MEDA (including MEDA’s clients) can raise a concern without fear of retribution by emailing or

Approved by the Executive Leadership Team: July 30, 2018