MEDA Gender Equality Policy

MEDA is an association of Christians in business and the professions committed to applying biblical teachings in the marketplace. MEDA members share their faith, abilities and resources to address human needs through economic development. MEDA's vision is, "that all people may experience Christ's love and utilize their abilities to earn a livelihood, provide for families and enrich their communities."

MEDA recognizes that race, class, ethnicity, religion, cast, age and sex are all factors which influence one's position in society. These differences often lead to injustice including gender discrimination. Because of our Christian faith and moral beliefs, MEDA believes that all are created equal making gender and other forms of such discrimination unacceptable.

MEDA is committed to recognizing and addressing where possible discrimination that often leaves women on the margins of economic opportunity. In all our programs and processes, MEDA will promote and support the empowerment of both women and men toward full participation in the economic processes which shape their lives.


MEDA will work to improve gender equality by:

  • Ensuring, where possible, that all programs are accessible to women and take into account women's multiple roles and often unequal position in society.
  • Promoting, where possible, though our programs women's strategic interests, women's access to and control of productive resources, and greater equality between men and women.
  • Supporting, where possible, initiatives that empower women to articulate their needs and promote their full participation in economic development.
  • Developing an organizational culture throughout MEDA committed to modeling gender equality.
  • Creating, implementing, and monitoring strategies throughout all divisions based on this and future gender policies as approved by the Board and management.

Approved by the MEDA Board of Directors of 8 February 1999.
Signed by Chair, Board of Directors: Preston Hofer on 2/5/00.