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Coffee Kenya

Did you know that coffee is the most consumed beverage among adults in Canada – even more than water?

According to McCafe, more than one-third of Americans indulge heavily in this popular beverage.

But do you know where your coffee beans come from?

These sacred beans come from countries like Ethiopia, South Africa and Kenya.

Caffe Del Duca (CDDL) has been a lead firm with MEDA since early 2018. CDDL was established in 2008 and offers coffee variety upgrading, farmer training, and coffee processing, storage and roasting.

Judith has been a farmer her whole life. With her late husband, she farmed sugarcane, but since the death of her husband and the collapse of the local sugar processing company, Judith had found herself struggling to pay for her children’s school fees.

Judith was chosen as one of the first beneficiaries of a partner arrangement between CDDL and MEDA that would empower widows by helping them plant demo coffee plots and providing them with subsidized seedlings, coffee farming equipment like a pruning saw, secateurs and new metallic drying tables.

Judith began to see immediate success with her coffee crops and ongoing training from CDDL and MEDA. With CDDL Judith has received training on intercropping coffee bushes with crops like beans and groundnuts to supplement household incomes and combat food insecurity.

Judith and her familyJudith and her family

Judith is now a lead farmer with CDDL and is an advocate for coffee planting in her region. She is in charge of recruiting new members to join her training group. The group currently comprises of 5 widows and 50 young women.

CDDL and MEDA have provided secure employment for Judith’s community. Especially for young women working in coffee nurseries and dispensaries.

“CDDL and MEDA pay us promptly. This is a blessing. With my ongoing training, I intend to add another acreage of coffee this year,” Judith says.

“The future is bright, especially for our young women and their families. Coffee is not just a man’s crop, but a family crop. The trainings provided by CDDL and MEDA have brought men and women together and has provided a platform for women’s voices to be heard.”


-- Betty Mutua and Katie West