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Mofida KhudanaMofida Khudana, with a diploma and a degree in business management, owns a modest women’s clothing store in her city of Ghadamis, but she has much bigger dreams.

She wants a building to attract both Libyans and tourists – a combined centre for human development and small hotel. Mofida joined the LWEE (Libya Women Economic Empowerment) program to learn new business skills and access resources to be better prepared to implement her new, larger plan. “I was determined to start my own business.”

Since graduating Mofida has developed building plans, conducted a financial study and is finalizing her budget. “The LWEE program opened up my horizons. I learned that even if you don’t have the resources to implement your idea, it’s enough to have a dream and ambition.”

Mofida is pursuing her business idea in the hopes of winning the matching grants fund competition in phase two of the project. She dreams of becoming a pioneering businesswoman in Libya. “There are many women in Ghadamis who run a small business from home, which I could do, but my ambitions are bigger than that.”