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Carlos-boatsCarols-displays-his-brochuresCarlos Hernandez was born and raised on one of the many islands surrounding Nicaragua. When he started looking for work, he came to the mainland to sell goods at a local market before trying to work in real estate, though neither venture was very successful.

Carlos used his first paycheck to buy a boat, leaving behind his previous jobs to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. His idea was to provide tours of Nicaragua by water. Carlos named the boat Scarlett, after his daughter, and Karina, after his wife, who were both "gifts to me from God."

Carlos lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Granada with his wife and three children. He's been working in the tourism industry for over 10 years. "My business is the tourists," he says, noting January to Easter is the high season for his services.

Carlos recently became a client of MiCredito, MEDA's microfinance partner in Nicaragua, and is happy with the service he receives: "The manager, the staff, they're excellent people. They are very efficient and solve any problem in no time."

The $800 loan he obtained from MiCredito has allowed him to expand his boat tour business. "Thanks to MiCredito, I got a second boat and was able to buy two motors," he says proudly. While he is happy with his current business, he hopes if the opportunity presents itself to one day start a new business and to succeed at that one too.