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Rommy-drillingRommy-at-his-workbenchIn Nicaragua, entrepreneur Rommy makes custom wood closets and kitchen furniture using Chilean mahogany and cedar. With five employees already, he is dedicated to using this business opportunity to help support his family - his mother, brother and five year-old daughter.

In the past six months, Rommy has become a client of MiCredito, MEDA's microfinance partner in Nicaragua. He invested most of his loan in machinery for his shop. The government, seeing his business as a promising enterprise, has provided a grant.

Customers place orders with Rommy himself, who offers ideas and suggestions on construction and design. "I work directly with clients," Rommy explains. He has promoted his craftsmanship in his community through word of mouth and brochures.

In the future, Rommy plans to open a furniture store at one of the markets in Managua. "He's the kind of person we want to help," Managua branch manager Cesia notes. "His business has the potential to be successful."