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Ma-ion-Akosies-familyMa-ion-AkosieMa-ion Akosie is a lead farmer in the far northwest corner of Ghana participating in MEDA’s GROW project. A couple of years ago her husband died, leaving her and her six children to support themselves. This past year she grew nine 50-kg bags of soybeans despite poor rainfall. She is excited because even with a poor growing season, she achieved her best year ever using the right seeds, inputs, and technical assistance. She desires to give her kids the opportunity to become educated and sees her participation in GROW as the best way to achieve that. She is in the process of selling her soybeans and despite already receiving an offer to sell them at a good rate, she is exploring her options with other potential buyers as well.

"I used to try farming but I didn't get anything from it. But from PRUDA's sensitization on the GROW project I decided to try it. Fortunately, I was appointed as a lead farmer in my group. I have participated in several trainings and have benefited from the trainings on agricultural extension and all those things I taught my group members and applied it on my own farm… this year, I have never in my lifetime gotten produce yield] up to that point, even though I used to farm larger acreages."

This is all despite the less-than-ideal growing season Akosie experienced.  

"In terms of knowledge, I have gained a lot. I used to not participate actively in meetings, but after my appointment as a lead farmer, I feel empowered to talk openly in public. Besides that, I also benefited by getting knowledge to take care of my children so they will grow to help me in the future."