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marciaMarcia is a long-time client of MiCrédito, a local microfinance institution, in the rural area of Teustepe. Marcia has been running a pulperia (small store) based in her home for over 30 years.

Marcia is currently using MiCrédito's debit card and savings account product, offered in partnership with BAC, one of the largest regional banks in Central America. This initiative is part of MEDA's TechnoLinks project which aims to use technology to increase access to financial services for MiCrédito clients in Nicaragua. Marcia has never had a debit card before, so it has taken time for her to become comfortable using the product: "At the beginning I didn't like the card. I liked having money in cash, but now I am used to the card and will go and take out money when I need to buy things."

Marcia now uses her card on a regular basis to deposit and withdraw money as well as to allow family and friends to deposit funds directly into her account. Marcia has also come to appreciate the added security which the product offers: "Now I don't have to walk around with a lot of money. When I need money I just go and take it out." Marcia never leaves her account empty, always depositing what she can to support the growth of her business and the well-being of her family.