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johnnyJohnny is a father of four and the owner of a photography business in Managua, Nicaragua. A client of local microfinance institution MiCrédito for two years, he recently received his Banco de America Central (BAC) debit card.

As part of MEDA's Techno-Links project, MiCredito offers members faster loan approval times, savings accounts and more efficient disbursement of electronic loans. These benefits are especially valuable in areas where basic financial services and bank branches can't be easily accessed.

Johnny has wanted a bank account and a debit card for a long time. He applied for an account at a number of banks, but was unable to meet all of the necessary requirements. He was excited when MiCrédito offered him the opportunity to open an account with BAC.

With his new account, Johnny is saving money to buy a car and pay for home improvements. He is happy with his debit card, using it frequently to make purchases for his business, pay utility bills, withdraw money and make deposits. "I wouldn't change anything about the product. I feel better, more at ease, because my money is more secure."