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PabloPablo Arlejo Arquil Lopez has been a loyal MiCrédito client for the last three years, running a store in the rural community of San Jeronimo in Teustepe, Nicaragua. Pablo sells rice, beans, flour, and more recently, solar panels.

Pablo is just one of MiCrédito's partner distributors in Teustepe. Rather than providing solar panels directly to clients, MiCrédito is offering its clients the opportunity to expand their businesses and make a positive impact on their communities by becoming local providers of solar products.

Pablo began providing solar products in his store in early October and was sold out by the end of the month. Pablo is proud to be able to support his community by providing access to solar products and has already seen positive results in San Jeronimo: "My neighbours are extremely grateful to have their own lights and not have to use oil lamps or kerosene in their homes." Solar electricity provides a safer energy option for rural clients, as kerosene exposes clients to burns, potentially dangerous unburned fuel, and air pollution.

Pablo found out about the opportunity to provide solar panels and other products from one of MiCrédito's loan officers and then received training in the technology, gaining knowledge which he can now pass on to his own customers. Pablo is just one of many clients MiCrédito is supporting through its solar energy project.