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Angela NicaraguaAfter 10 years of administrating her mother's Dressmaking Shop, 31 year old and mother of two, Angela Gisell Hernandez is now the owner of this shop that provides jobs for seven family heads. She purchases raw material, designs, sews and is also in charge of sales and marketing of the finished products.

Her designs include dresses, slacks, skirts and blouses. "My creativity comes from watching my mother day after day design and sew," said this bright eyes petite lady.

Her clothing is so popular that she found that she couldn't keep up with the demand because didn't have enough money to buy material. Her friends told her: "If you want to grow your business, you need to get a loan!"

The first loan of $1,200 that Angela received was for working capital, which she was able to cancel in seven months instead of a year. "It would have been very difficult for me to grow my business without MiCredito's help," she says. Her recurrent loan of $3,000 was used to purchase, open the distribution and marketing of raw material (textiles). Her monthly net income is $330.

She will continue to expand her distribution channels, add new designs and might even start a new business...cushion designs. For now she is using all remnants to make cushion and making plans for their distribution.