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Noberta with baked good largerWhile at times it may seem like the challenges of working in Haiti are insurmountable, on a recent trip MEDA president Allan Sauder also saw lots of evidence of forward movement.

“I was delighted to meet Noberta Sainta, owner of Tatie's Home bakery, a woman with a big smile and dreams within her reach. She embodies the indomitable spirit that I witnessed in a country still struggling to rebuild after last year's devastating earthquake.“

Seven years ago, Noberta saw an opportunity to earn a small income - making cookies at home and selling them throughout her neighbourhood. The small enterprise grew, and soon she was providing her baked goods to local grocery stores. Now, she and her staff of eight go through ten 100-pound bags of flour each week baking cookies.

A $4,000 loan from Fonkoze, our microfinance partner in Haiti, will help Noberta buy a larger oven that will help her boost productivity exponentially.

With this success, Noberta now dares to dream. Her first dream is to stabilize her business. Secondly, she would like to buy her own home - her family's was destroyed in the earthquake and she is renting a house and shop combined; and thirdly, she wants to have her own transportation so she doesn't have to rely on others for deliveries.

“Clients have a special relationship with Fonkoze. They say Fonkoze goes the extra mile: They were there to help right after the earthquake, with money, food and sincere concern and respect. And Fonkoze staff members feel the same way about MEDA – we are there for them to walk through issues arising.

“MEDA's values of human dignity, compassion and a focus on possibilities mesh well with Fonkoze’s.

“In meeting Noberta and other individuals like her, I was inspired and motivated, and returned home with a renewed commitment to the people of Haiti.”