Success Stories

Read inspiring stories from the field about the work we do with our clients.

How partnerships drive prosperity for local Haitian businesses

Haitian businesses have the raw talent and ambition to create businesses. But in Haiti, they face an uphill struggle. The cost of borrowing is high. The business development services provided are not tailored to the needs of MSMEs. MSMEs also find hiring a trained and skilled labor force difficult due to few educational opportunities, and many skilled professionals have emigrated to other countries.

Turning a crisis into an opportunity- how Hadija provided decent work for herself and her community

Hadija always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. This truth became clearer as she graduated from university. She saw how many young people like herself struggled to find work. So, starting her own business, or creating work opportunities for herself, seemed like the natural next step. In 2015, after Hadija graduated, she learned about onion farming and took a course on manufacturing industrial products in Kenya. After this transformative course, the seed of GBRI Solutions was planted, and Hadija founded her business.

Lifting his family out of poverty by growing the right seeds

Baltazari knows what it means to struggle: the farmer from Nyasa district, Tanzania, works hard to provide for his six children. Yet, despite his labors, he couldn’t earn enough to support them. Baltazari grows crops like maize, cassava, and sesame, but due to lower crop yields, he made little money.

“Getting a foot in the door”: How internships provide job experiences for young people that pay off

Around the world, youth unemployment remains a lingering problem, with millions of young people unable to contribute their time and talent to the workforce. In the long term, this means trouble: without a sense of purpose and experience, young people will be locked out of the labor market. This can quickly lead to increased poverty, especially among already marginalized groups, and floundering economies.

Planting a brighter future, one seed at a time – Selemani’s story

Selemani lives in Lindi region, Tanzania. For most of his life, he has been a farmer and grows cassava, sesame, and cashew nuts. At first, he only grew cassava for his food. His perspective later changed when he learned of the many opportunities to grow cassava as a cash crop.

How a retired banker harnessed the power of cassava to improve livelihoods in her village

Angelita Mbatia is a former Director of Financial Markets from the Central Bank of Tanzania. In 2004, she moved from Dar es Salaam to Bwama village, Kisarawe district. Her motivation to move there was clear: she was inspired by Julius Nyerere’s (Tanzania’s first president) philosophy of self-reliance and wanted to apply this philosophy to helping support the Bwama village community.