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A Customer Centric Lens for Good Agricultural Practices

Tagged in Agriculture, customercentricity, GAP, INNOVATE, Markets

A Customer Centric Lens for Good Agricultural Practices
Industry actors need to broaden and expand on Good Agricultural Practices’ (GAP) agronomic perspective (e.g.: “how to grow”) to include a business case perspective centered on specific markets. Fundamentally, adopting GAP is a business investment decision that includes optimizing additional revenue and risk-based decisioning making by smallholder farmers. In order to adequately address these factors, it is necessary to:
  1. Emphasize the market context, not only the agronomic and growing practices
  2. Adopt a customer centric perspective that treats smallholder farmer segments differently
  3. Adopt a business orientation to promote the business case and the value proposition

Donor Impact Report - SSBVC

Tagged in Access, Business, BusinessPerformance, Development, Economics, Finance, IncomeGrowth, Markets, NewSkills, Tanzania, ValueChain

Donor Impact Report - SSBVC
Tanzania is experiencing steady economic growth, but many small business entrepreneurs are not well positioned to benefit. The obstacles they face include lack of business management training, limited access to production technology, access to financing, and limited market access and awareness. MEDA’s Strengthening Small Business Value Chains (SSBVC) is a six-year project working to strengthen value chains in specific sectors of Tanzania. Using a “lead firm” approach, MEDA equips businesses to develop their supply chains while engaging, training, and nurturing small entrepreneurs and supplying them with consistent, high quality crops.