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Women Sales Agents

Tagged in Gender, Ghana, GROW

Women Sales Agents
This case study examines GROW’s Women Sales Agent (WSA) model as one of several methodologies to achieve project goals of increased market linkages and sustainability for women farmers in the Upper West Region of Ghana. With a vested interest in the growth and empowerment of women farmers, WSAs provide women farmers with information and embedded services in order to better integrate farmers into markets. This woman-to-woman model addresses the unique skills required to be a successful woman-centric intermediary in the soy value chain and is proving to be empowering for women, generating evidence of increased agency and access for WSAs, and to some degree for women farmers themselves.

Increasing Women's Access to Land: Committing to Change

Tagged in Gender, Ghana

Increasing Women
"Increasing Women's Access to Land: Advancing the Conversation" provides insight into the on-going issue of land tenure for women in Ghana. Secure access to land and land ownership for women is vitally important for farmers, including those whom the GROW project works with in Ghana's Upper West Region. Many studies have shown that land ownership and improved access to land for women can increase food security and protect natural resources. On November 18, 2017, GROW hosted a land tenure forum in Wa, Ghana, to inform communities and begin developing strategies on land tenure for Ghanaian women. Read more about this exciting event and how GROW is working to advance the conversation on land access.

YouthInvest Impact Evaluation - Gender

Tagged in Egypt, Gender, Morocco, Youth

YouthInvest Impact Evaluation - Gender
"YouthInvest Impact Evaluation: Gender" presents a selection of findings from the randomized controlled trial impact evaluation of MEDA’s 100 Hours to Success youth training, a key component of the YouthInvest project implemented in Morocco from 2008 to 2014. In particular, this document compares the different effects that the 100 Hours training had on female and male participants three years after the intervention. The gender outcomes in terms of employment, self-assessed efficacy and life skills and financial inclusion are discussed.

YouthInvest, MEDA’s flagship project in Morocco and Egypt from 2008 to 2014 reached more than 57,000 youth aged 15 to 30 with innovative financial and nonfinancial services.