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Dos and Don’ts for Tourists - How You Can Visit Myanmar Responsibly

Dos and Don’ts for Tourists - How You Can Visit Myanmar Responsibly


First and foremost, I am very pleased and happy to extend my heartiest welcome to the visitors from all over the world who would like to enjoy and value our hospitality, culture and nature based tourism resources.

Since a lot of changes have taken place in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, many people across the world are increasingly interested to visit Myanmar with various purposes. It is of vital importance that we provide our best services and hospitality to the satisfaction of all visitors.

Most importantly, we would like to share some best practices, as exemplified in the present Dos and Don’ts for foreign visitors so that the relationship with the local communities will be friendly, more understandable and beneficial for all.

As the productive outcome of the close and deep cooperation with Hanns Seidel Foundation based in Germany, the present tourism guidelines came to materialize with the efforts of Dr. Andrea Valentin.

We hope that this cartoon booklet is an approachable medium for travelers to understand and respect the traditions and customs of our local community, in order to make Myanmar a better place for people to live in and a better place to visit.

Thank you.
Enjoy your holiday in Myanmar!
Htay Aung
Union Minister of Hotels and Tourism
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar