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Piloting Crop Insurance with Woman Farmers

Piloting Crop Insurance with Woman Farmers

GROW Learning Series

Crop Insurance and Climate Change

Most of the population in Ghana’s Upper West farm maize and soybeans, and farming is the primary economic activity for the women in the region. Due to the inconsistency of rainfall, crop yields in the region have become less predictable. However, very few farmers have diversified their livelihoods, due mainly to the remote and rural nature of the region.

The vulnerability of Ghana’s agriculture to climate change is largely due to its dependence on rainfall, particularly in the country’s semi-arid north, where GROW activities are implemented. Climate change is likely to intensify rainfall variation, leading to drought in some years, and floods in others. Since farmers make decisions and investments based on precedent, this lack of consistency in rainfall leaves farmers especially vulnerable to making poor production choices in an uncertain environment. Insurance is one way to mitigate this, and other risks.4